Friday, March 20, 2020

Small thing that make me happy even during this grim time

and it is this Black Schnauzer key rack dog leash hanger. There is some reason why this such non-essential product can make my life suddenly so much brighter

First, the shape and color of this hanger reminds me of my own pup, Waffles, because she is also a black Miniature Schnauzer. Second, it got 5 hooks, I mean look at that, it does not only have 1 or 2 hooks, oh no, it has 5 freaking hooks! How awesome! Lastly, I can put all the dirty stinky dog leash there instead of on my dining table together with all the food that we eat when we sit around it.

Anyway, sigh, my life is so content and I eat too much Haribo.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Working from home

Greetings. So how are you coping with working from home? For me it was weird. On one hand, I am glad because I can sleep more in the morning since I don't have to commute to work, but on the other hand, I miss my office. Seriously. Just because it is a new job  and I just start to get a hang of it.

Regardless,  I won't take this moment for granted. I mean, I remember there were times in my life when I was so reluctant to go to the office to work, and wish I could just stay from home and working from my bed, without need to bother brushing my teeth or comb my hair.  And now, although I know that the  opportunity to work from home is only temporary, I will for sure make the best of it, meaning work in my pajamas and drive my husband crazy! YES!