Thursday, March 19, 2020

Working from home

Greetings. So how are you coping with working from home? For me it was weird. On one hand, I am glad because I can sleep more in the morning since I don't have to commute to work, but on the other hand, I miss my office. Seriously. Just because it is a new job  and I just start to get a hang of it.

Regardless,  I won't take this moment for granted. I mean, I remember there were times in my life when I was so reluctant to go to the office to work, and wish I could just stay from home and working from my bed, without need to bother brushing my teeth or comb my hair.  And now, although I know that the  opportunity to work from home is only temporary, I will for sure make the best of it, meaning work in my pajamas and drive my husband crazy! YES!


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