Saturday, November 21, 2020

Last Time I Cried From Happiness

During a recent Toastmaster meeting, I received a "table topic" question about the last time I cried because from happiness. It was a difficult question for me to answer because although I do cry a lot, it is usually because of sad movies or puppy videos on YouTube. I rarely cry because of happiness. So when I got this question at the meeting, I gave the most generic answer, "I cried on my wedding day". However, the full story is more than that. I remember on my wedding day my mother kept telling me, “Don't will ruin your makeup if you cry!” And of course I agreed with her! I did not want to cry and smear my mascara all over my face! On top of that, I was so exhausted on my wedding day that I just wanted the day to be over. There was no room for tears on my agenda. 

However, my mom changed her mind and decided to cry at the ceremony anyway. And what happened next? I cried too! How could I not? Then my dad, playing the hero, tried to save the day by bringing me a handkerchief, but instead of dabbing my eyes gently, his hand moved too fast and sort of punched me in the eye. I could feel my false eye lashes move and it felt weird. It was like about to fall off! 

In the end, my makeup was ruined, but not because I cried. It was because my father punched me in the face with a handkerchief.

That is basically my speech for last week's Toastmaster meeting. I won the award for best table topic, and that it all that matters.


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