Saturday, November 21, 2020

Standard of Beauty for Our Dog

My husband and I clearly have a different viewpoint on the standard of beauty for our fur baby, aka Waffles. Specifically, we disagree on how we should shape her beard and how long it should be. This is an argument we had just last week. 

Me        : I think we should cut Waffles’s beard shorter. She keeps munching on her own beard. Gross!
Hubs    : No. Do not even try. (He gave me a cold stare) 
Me        : Why not? She will look prettier with a shorter beard! She looks like an old man now!
Hubs    : Well, she is a Schnauzer. She will look prettier with a long beard! The beard stays. 
Me        : Why you want her to look ugly?? She is my daughter, and I want her to look pretty!
Hubs    : She is my daughter too! Why can't you accept her the way she is?? 
Me        : Errr….(I went quiet. I was getting confused with how this conversation turned)

I swear to God, my husband will let Waffles’ beard grow so long that she can sweep the floor with it. Also, I am afraid that my husband will make her look like a AKC show dog:

And for some reason, it reminds me of my husband 😄


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